Standalone - The CASHMAN/DEBTORS Program is one of the few Debtors Programs that can be used independently as a standalone Program. A large number of Clients who use CASHMAN for GST Cash Accounting, also use the DEBTORS Program (Standalone) to maintain a Debtors Ledger. Other Clients simply use the DEBTORS Program on its own to maintain a record of Customer Accounts.

Integrated or standalone, CASHMAN/DEBTORS is an excellent, easy to use Debtors program. It allows the user to accurately maintain Customer Accounts, print Statements and Invoices (if required), and produce a series of reports to assist in the management of cash collections and overdue accounts.

Integrated - The DEBTORS Program can be fully integrated with CASHMAN to produce Accrual Based Accounting & GST Records (see CASHPAC).

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